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The film is compiled of footage shot on Vatnsnes and at the Reykjavik Zoo and also includes some animated sequences. This piece describes a dreamlike journey of seals that are on an undisclosed mission.

The EXPEDITION is partly based on ideas that evolve around training of seals and other sea mammals for military purposes.


The video sculpture Expedition is a collaboration between Anna Hallin and
Olga Bergmann.
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In connection with this project the artists sought collaboration with Hrefna Björg Þorsteinsdóttir and Hólmfríður Ósmann Jónsdóttir architects of Arkibúllan who have designed a building for seals and humans, where sea levels, elevation lines and variations in the magnetic fields on western Vatnsnes are the basis for the size and location of two walls. These walls define the path of the seal from sea on to land and the path of man from land to sea.

The space between the walls is an exchange room for metamorphosis.

The shape of the sculpture derives from the design of the architects.


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