This work was originally made for the exhibition “Camouflash” in Lodz, Poland in 2007.

“Camouflash – is a free combination of the word camouflage, which means concealment, disguise, and the word flash, which means a spark, moment, short message.
The combination of these two words determines the subject of the exhibition, which is the condition of the contemporary man in the context of camouflaging oneself, and concurrently wishing to become known, to shine. This specific schizophrenia is by no means marginal, as proved, e.g. by the various reality shows, some of which attract artists, too.”
(Mariusz Soltysik curator)

Guilt by association is a well-established concept and more recently the phenomena of celebrity by association has become very prominent as well.

In preparation for the Camouflash project in Lodz I researched a
couple of personalities that in very different ways were and still
are great celebrities.
One of them is the Polish poet Julian Tuwim from Lodz and the other is Oscar winning American actress Judy Holliday (Judith Tuwim).
Both are my distant relatives and I was interested in juxtaposing our dissimilar worlds by trying in this work to map a link through time and space.. I corresponded with several different people over the Internet during my research for this project. Part of this correspondence as well as several photographs and drawings, form an assemblage that is an important part of this work as well.
video stills: TIME LAPSE
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Patio Centrum Sztuki, Lodz, Poland, 2007
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